When I was 15, I experimented with inner thinking without words. A single thought can contain whole worlds with millions of details and yet last mear milliseconds. Words are like an extra preprocessed output. Lesson learned: focus on the source, not the output.

Tech was the field I started with after the high-school when I joined the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Pilsen. Although I loved observing, evaluating, designing, and prototyping, I felt like there is another area of life that I need to study first. I still remember the “aha” moment when I took my life in my own hands. I stepped over to social sciences in an effort to understand people and society and ended up majoring in psychology, philosophy, and history. But tech has never left me. While running a cultural association, organizing scientific conferences, doing exchange projects with Ugandan artists, there was always a need for PR materials. And so I created my first PHP/MySQL CMS for our association website, designed hundreds of flyers, maintained social media accounts, etc. That way I learned HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, various CMS, and graphic design and later on provided my services as a web dev & graphic design freelancer to various clients. My passion lies in the body movement – contemporary dance, contact improvisation, capoeira, qi-gong, currently tango – it’s always been my source of inner strength, and tool to empathize with the loved ones/users/clients.

Things I have done:

Built websites designed flyers laid out books made a bamboo bike shot video docus did workshops for youth performed fairy tales for children built a theatre in Uganda danced in a synagogue coordinated scientific conferences 3D upcycled stuff, and much more.

Next Mission

UX/UI Design! The first step is accomplished. I have successfully completed a 9-week UX/UI Design Bootcamp at IronHack which helped me refresh and broaden my skills to match today’s industry adopted workflows, and concepts. Full of confidence, I am ready to work in a team of like-minded, enthusiast, user-centered professionals on creative projects with a positive societal impact.

My Expertise

UX Research

I can perform qualitative and quantitative research + analyze already available data to understand and map users’ needs and pain points, aligning all with the business objectives and market trends.

UI Design

I can develop information architecture, wireframe user flows and interactions, and deliver high fidelity prototypes for usability testing and final implementations.

Web Development

I can front-end develop websites with HTML, CSS, and javascript and maintain back-end solutions in PHP and MySQL.

Project Management

I can set up, manage, and track any project using the agile methodology.

My Skills

Sketch, InVision, Figma, Zeplin, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat), Rhino 3D, Fusion360.

User-centered design, design thinking methodology, information architecture, wireframing, prototyping, usability evaluation, site redesign, atomic design.


Intercity Technology ∷ Adonis & Abbey Publishers ∷ Kudde Association ∷ Mimimou ∷ Cindy Hertach ∷ Xander de Boer ∷ Merope Music ∷ Theatergroep Hut ∷ Atelier Judith Dubois ∷ Lidia Tato Psychotherapy ∷ Ralph Westerhof Art ∷ Fabien Gruau Photography ∷ Marjet Boek ∷ Bart van Helsdingen ∷ Erik de Jong ∷ University of West Bohemia ∷ University of Hradec Králové ∷ Metropolitan University Prague.

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