Work-outs for those who can’t make it to the gym
In this freelance project for Barbora – a fitness trainer based in Czechia – I built a complete online portal that offers excercise videos and products for training.

Business Model

I conducted a business competitive and market analysis. This helped my client review the model, and simplify offer of products and services.

Customer Journey

Based on the qualitative research, I’ve proposed and tested interactions along the customer journey all the way from watching work-out videos to on-boarding.


I have defined colors and typography. To speed up the process, external graphic designer and a copywriter were involved to create the logo and copy based on the design specifications and moodboard that I have prepared in sync with the client.


I’ve build the e-shop on WordPress CMS and Woocommerce and optimized it for SEO, and social media.

Improved Usability

Based on the data from Google Analytics and Hotjar (usability tool), I’ve further improved customers experience.

Automated Content Creation

I wrote apple scripts that help my client extract gifs from work-out videos and optimize the video size right from the QuickTime player. I’ve also automated the process of inserting new videos on the platform.

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