Design, make, and produce a push-bike for children as a sustainable, DIY, and fun toy.

What began as a toy that I made for my son, ended up in a 5-year entrepreneurship adventure. The toy was so popular that I decided to bring it to the market. All this wouldn’t be possible without the hard work, help, and support of others who got involved in the project along the way. See them here. Together we made it till the pre-production phase.

My Role

Project Manager, Industrial Designer, Graphic Designer, 3D Designer, Packaging Designer, DTP.

Deliverable: Product prototypes, 3D models and renders, CAD, CAM, branding & identity, technical documentation, assembly manual, packaging design, website, crowdfunding campaign, workshops for kids.

Tools: Rhino 3D, Fusion 360, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.

video image placeholder - kaboogabike vimeo
drawing kaboogabike logo
photo - kaboogabike parts
3D render push-bike
assembly drawing - kaboogabike

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