Saam app


Design an app that enables people to listen together to the same song at the same time in the public space so that they can share, and express their creativity.

My Role

UX Designer, Graphic Designer, UI Designer, Interaction Designer

Done as a final project at the IronHack UX/UI Design Bootcamp. April 2020.

Project duration: 2 weeks.

Deliverable: High fidelity design prototype with microinteractions.

Tools: Figma, Illustrator, Photoshop.


The idea arose when I wanted to dance in a public space with others. The goal of the research was to validate the following hypothesis: I believe that providing users with a tool that allows them to listen to music simultaneously with each other in public spaces will enable them to connect and interact with each other in a deeper and meaningful way.
Below is the result of the research that I conducted.

Data Sources

Data from online survey. Based on total 34 valid responses collected between 6 and 8 April 2020).

Data from the “Music Listening 2019” analysis carried out by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry.

Facebook group “Stranded at the Airport” approached for qualitative research interviews. Total 7 respondents.

Qualitative interviews with 3 respondents (age 26 – 45, Amsterdam).

Literature: Social Interactions in Urban Public SpacesFlash Mobs: Social Construction of Public Spaces as Places for Sociability and Public DiscourseThe 2019 Hearables Survey by Audio Analytic.


respondents wanted to listen to music with others simultaneously


of respondents would actively interact with unknown group of people in the public space


of respondents felt disturbed by music in public space


members of facebook group “Stranded at the airport” – tango dancers dancing in public spaces.


respondents use on-demand audio stream service

Social Interactions

Think of a silent disco in the metro or ad hoc flash mobs for example. Saam allows people to break off their daily routine and have some unexpected interaction.

Healthy Public

Saam stimulates urban play and creativity which are used as tools to rejuvenate the public realm and bring interest to everyday life.

Business Model

Using Saam could give the stream services a viral growth channel, as users could urge friends to get premium accounts to sync up. The intimate experience of co-listening might lead to longer sessions, boosting ad plays, or subscription retention.

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Project Timeline  >


Day 1-3
Lean Survey Canvas
Qualitative Interviews
Online Survey
Competitive analysis
Technical Assessment


Day 5
Mind Map
User Flow
Mid-Fidelity Prototype
Usability tests


Day 7
UI Design
Usability tests


Day 9
Hi-Fidelity Prototype


Day 10

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